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Ask anyone how to care for a plant and they’ll undoubtedly say to water it. Which is a good thing. Our plants need water to survive, just like us. But the weird thing is that most people don’t mention feeding their plants and soil—or do it, for that matter.

And the thing is, fertilizer can make a dramatic difference. Not just to your plants, but to the overall health of your soil and the environment. But because we’re wired to want immediate results, we often turn to things that act fast and give us perceived results. We all know the synthetic chemical fertilizer that looks like a superhero and makes things grow faster and bigger. But that kind of growth comes from a very strong concentration, one that can burn plants and is harmful to healthy soil microbes, worms and all other forms of life in the soil. 

Healthy soil takes a little time, but it’s worth it. 

So, how do you create healthy soil?

Add organic matter. Adding all-natural, rich organic composted ingredients loosens clay and other compacted earth, improves aeration and drainage while promoting ample absorption and water retention, and creates a beneficial environment for healthy microorganisms.  

And instead of trying to find and create the right combinations of these organic components, Coast of Maine’s Bumper Crop® garden soil and soil builders does it for us. We really believe in this line of products, and we use them here in the garden center and in our own yards and containers because they work. 

All-Purpose Bumper Crop is an all-purpose, balanced blend of natural ingredients like sphagnum peat moss, manure compost, worm castings, kelp and aged, formulated for use throughout the yard and garden. 

Spread over a bed and work into the soil to a depth of about six (6) inches, or mix at a 1:1 ratio with soil before filling a planting hole. You can even spread a 2-3 inch layer over your new lawn site and work into the soil, or spike through your existing lawn with an aerating tool before spreading a ½inch layer over the surface.  

Bumper Crop Gardener’s Gold makes a great all-purpose potting soil for indoor and outdoor container plants. This earthy blend of sphagnum peat moss, composted hen manure, shellfish, perlite, and very old, dark bark is the gold standard for water retention, too. 

Why does having healthy soil matter so much?

If you’re not already convinced of how important healthy soil is to healthy plants, this might do the trick.  

Picture this: our plants, vegetables and herbs reach out with their roots for food and water as they grow. They find this food (hopefully) from the nutrients in the soil. As these nutrients are removed with chemicals and over time, the soil becomes more compacted and inhospitable. And you’re left using more chemicals to get the fast and noticeable results you want. 

By adding various organic materials, we keep the soil aerated, healthy, nourish future plants and help them resist pests and disease for the long haul. Which means it saves us time, money and plants because they stay healthy, require less fertilizer and water. 

When soil is nourished with organic matter, it retains moisture, is teeming with healthy microorganisms and is loose and crumbly. This translates to healthy, vibrant plants, and a sustainably healthy and vibrant outdoor space and environment. 

Other Good Things to Know

A few things we’ve learned along the way:

  • We like to mix our organic material with a pitchfork. It helps to keep the mixture airy and it’s easier on the back than a shovel.
  • You can rent a rototiller at your local hardware or home improvement store. 
  • As us about helping you out to the car with your materials or delivering large loads right to your driveway. 
  • You can also help established trees with soil amendment. Use a bulb auger to drill several holes around your tree and fill with soil amendment.  

For more information on how to feed your soil, at-home materials, our favorite organic amendments and more, visit our SOIL ESSENTIALS page or please stop in and talk with one of our growing experts. 

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