1051 State Route 56 East,
Circleville, Ohio 43113

Phone: 740-474-2028

Toll Free: 800-378-8934

Here’s what’s sprouting up:

  • Funky beats: Get your groove on with pumpin’ tunes in the greenhouse that’ll make your plants sprout! We’re turning the greenhouse into a plant-tastic dance floor with high-energy music all night long!
  • Spice up your senses with tasty appetizers and fun, themed cocktails at the Rhoadhouse 56 bar. Every sip and bite will inspire your garden creations.
  • Potting Bar Paradise: Bring your empty containers and unleash your inner artist at our DIY potting station, where our expert staff will be your personal plant gurus.
  • New Plant Pals: Meet the hottest newcomers of 2024 and discover the perfect leafy friends for your garden.

This ain’t your grandma’s planting class! It’s a chance to get your hands dirty, get your groove on, and create something beautiful with your own two hands (and maybe a little help from our friendly staff).

All this for just $10! That’s right, for ten bucks*, you get expert instruction, springy inspiration, tasty appetizers, and a front-row seat to the garden party of the year. Space is limited, so grab your green thumbs and your best buds, and let’s get potting! (Seasonal Cocktails can be purchased at the Rhoadhouse 56 bar)

*At the potting station we will keep track of the plants & soil you use so that you can purchase them before the end of evening.

Your friends at Rhoads Garden Center