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Fall can feel like a finish line this time of year. Like a victory if you’ve made it through summer with a few burns and bare spots to show for the heat. But it’s a new beginning, too. The time for do-overs in the yard and garden. Get your fix of fresh arrivals, a healthy lawn, and pretty containers, porches and patios without trying so hard. And get
outside for a fresh start.

1) Clean Up

The same things that make summer wonderful can wreak a little havoc on our yards, like lots of sun, less rain and plenty of time on vacation. Fall is the perfect time for fresh starts. It’s a much easier sell to spend time working in your yard when it’s cooler and you can see almost immediate results.

Walk your yard and pull out or prune back dead or diseased branches and dispose of them. You can also prune back spent summer perennials. Just don’t prune anything now that blooms in early spring or you may be removing the beginning of buds.

Remove weeds, pick up fallen branches, check for any plants that may benefit by being moved (or some that may need to be removed). Identify spots in your grass that may need overseeding, then rake away the debris, rough up the surface a bit (add a bit of soil if the area is dry and rocky) and overseed. We like to use [insert product name] on our own lawns.

2) Amend Your Soil

One of the easiest and best ways to feed your plants and improve your landscape is to amend your soil. We always focus on watering our plants and know how important that moisture is to their growth. But so many of us forget to feed them, and it makes a noticeable difference when we do. We use [need product name] when we plant and each fall in our own landscapes.

3) Plant Perennials, Trees and Shrubs

Some things bear repeating simply because they’re true. Like the fact that fall is arguably the best time to plant. Favorable seasonal conditions bring an increase in rainfall, cooler temps, less stress for your plants and the perfect environment for root growth.

It’s also a great time to walk your yard and see where you’re missing height, color, shade, privacy or interest. Many people inherit their landscape when they purchase existing homes and can struggle with overgrown plants, ones that aren’t thriving or areas with special challenges (i.e. full shade, unsightly utility boxes, a lack of privacy, etc.). And homeowners in new construction are often starting from scratch or with basic builder packages.

Planting and being outside is good for your mood and mental health, property value and the planet. If you need help choosing the right plants for your spaces, please ask us in the garden center. You can even bring photos of the area. You can shop perennials and trees and shrubs online with pick-up in store or stop in for the full experience.

For even more help removing, choosing, designing and installing plants and hardscape, get in touch with the experts at Rhoads Landscaping.

4) Plant Bulbs for Next Spring

Do you find yourself admiring others’ tulips, daffodils, crocuses and more each spring? Then wonder why you’ve never planted your own? Now is the time to do something about that. Instant gratification is great, but we all know that the really-good things take a little time.

When you consider it only takes about 30-60 minutes to plant a dozen or so spring-flowering bulbs, this is something you’ll never regret. Bulbs are arriving now, so please call or stop in to see what’s arrived.

5) Protect Your Investment with Mulch

Mulch doesn’t just look nice, high-quality mulch feeds your plants as it breaks down. It also insulates the roots of your plants through winter and discourages weeds. You can order yours online and have it delivered.

6) Celebrate the Fun of Fall

We’re big believers in a good plan, but not at the expense of living in the moment. Enjoy the changing of the seasons with fresh fall color and texture, in containers, the landscape, on your porch or patio or anywhere, really!

Mums are classic and make a real statement in groups. Lately we’ve experimented with incorporating perennial grasses in our pots and of course in the landscape, marigolds, ornamental peppers, ornamental cabbage and kale, pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colors, cornstalks and so much more.

You can even have pretty porches and clean hands with our Fall Drop Ins (seasonal combos planted in a fiber pot that drops right into your containers) or Fall-In-One Porch Packages.

For more friendly help on how to enjoy fall to the fullest, please stop in and talk with one of our growing experts.

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